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Outboard Certification Training
5 Day Program
Important Information

Course Profile

What it is...

Intense hands-on training based on running and static work stations.
An advanced "testing method" to certify technicians
Personalized, low student to teacher ratio study method
Individual and self paced
Requires average reading and comprehension skills
Heavy on computer, diagnostic software, and electrical diagnostic skills
For experienced technicians

What it is not...

Not for beginners!
Not to be used as a familiarization course for new technicians or dealerships
Not classroom lectures or audio visual demonstrations
Not always achievable in one week. Although most technicians finish Friday, some require a return visit to achieve Certified status (Approx. 10%). Some Certify by Thursday night. (Approx. 20%). Those who have difficulty reading and understanding many pages of technical data should not expect to Certify in one week.

By completing all defined tasks the technician will become “Certified”. Dealership managers who send technicians to this course must understand that although the individual may not achieve Certified status during their first week, the investment is still extremely valuable. The technician will learn from the tasks that are completed and be better prepared to service Evinrude and Johnson Outboards when they return to the dealership.

Enrollment Requirements
The technician must have:
The Professional Technician Course is strongly recommended before attempting this course.
A minimum of one year of experience as an outboard Mechanic/technician. Preferably they have formal mechanical training from a trade school or several years experience servicing some type of engine.
Successfully completed all E-ssentials™ series training programs and the 2010 and 2011 Product Service Updates. Students who have attended an Evinrude/Johnson hands-on course since Sept. 1, 2001 may bypass the first E-ssentials program.
Experience reading precision instruments, including micrometers, calipers, feeler gauges, pressure gauges, digital multimeters and peak-reading volt meters
Basic computer skills including the ability to transfer files and identify file extensions - .xls, .PDF, .doc
Experience with DealerPort and Evinrude Diagnostic software
Ability to navigate through BRP service literature
Student must be a full-time employee of an authorized Evinrude/Johnson dealership

  Class Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8AM to 4PM (Homework required)
Friday: Dismiss by 12PM

  How can a technician best prepare for success?

We find that successful students do not party at night, arrive on time and study in their rooms at night in preparation for the following day. This is the level of commitment for which students must be prepared. This is not a vacation from the shop.

Be sure you meet all of the enrollment requirements listed above under Enrollment Requirements..

  What if the technician cannot complete all the tasks required for Certification?

It is important that the dealership management not have unrealistic expectations for certification in one week. This places undue pressure on the technician and will negatively affect the technician's ability to function properly while attending this course.

If the technician completed more than 75% of the required tasks he/she can return to complete the remaining tasks at no additional charge, provided they return during the same training season.

If the student completed less than 75% of the required tasks he/she must wait at least one year before attempting the Certification class again. The fee will be the course fee in effect at the time.

  Can the technician bring their own laptop for diagnostics?
  Yes. Although we are fully equipped, technicians are welcome to bring and use their own laptop. However, BRP will not be responsible for loss or damage to the laptop.
  How does a technician maintain their Certified status after completing this course?
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  I missed the deadline for an update exam. Do I have to start all over?
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